Friday, 18 July 2008 League

The League

- The league winner will receive $50 to their PokerStars account, courtesy of

- The league tournaments can be found in "tournaments > private > Pokerisrigged League"

- Passwords for each of the tournaments will be placed in this forum here every week. Forums is visable only to members

- The league will run every Sunday for 5 weeks with the first tournament starting on Sunday 6th July at 8pm GMT.

- The buyin will be $5.50 and will be a freezeout tournament.

- Don’t worry about missing the first few tournaments! By playing in any of the tournaments you will earn yourself reward points that you may redeem for cash or forum bonuses! Click here for details.

- Prizes will be distributed normally in each tournament depending on how many runners there are.

- Ranking first in a tournament will earn yourself a Gold Trophy reward to put next to your avatar. Ranking second and third in tournaments with a larger amount of runners will earn you a Silver or Bronze trophy. All awards are exchangeable for reward points.

- If you are good enough to win the league at the end of the 5 weeks, you will be blessed with a unique and special Poker Is Rigged bracelet!


- Strictly one account per member.

- Each league runner is allowed one link on their name.

- Collusion in league tournaments will result in a permanent ban.

- To be eligible for the prize money, you must be at least a mildy active member of the forum.


There will be a collection of prizes for the weekly winners and even a bubble image for the poor person to miss the money! The images will be stacked so you can prove your worth with several trophies! A bracelet will also be given to the League Champion. We won't reveal what it looks like just yet!


If you’re a webmaster and you’re looking to promote a website, poker-related or otherwise, then you are allowed to have one hyperlink on your name that is displayed on the front page. This means if you have any points, or are featured in the “last weeks winner” table, then your name and link will be displayed on the front page. Please note if you’re name is higher on the league then your link will give you more “Google juice”.
Your name is not allowed to be a link in itself. I.e. “” as a name is not allowed, whilst “Pokerisrigged” is.

Please download PokerStars from this link. We are able to add more prizes and money to the tournaments for any sign ups that are generated from that link!
Thank you,

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