Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Instructional Videos

Poker X Factor

Instructional videos that have very visible improvements. This site is dedicated to bringing you videos on all style of Poker play. Each video has a running commentary from a professional poker player - some who have made HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars.

This site does come at a cost but at just $25 a month it's a real bargain. They bring out at least 2 videos a week with incredible detail. This kind of advice will turn a losing player into a winning player and a winning player into a professional.

Go check out some of their free teaser videos.

Poker Savvy

The lesser known of the two instructional poker video sites but by no means worse.
The site consists of several different pros - a lot of them in their 20s.

They demonstrate not only the ocasional low staked freezeout/rebuy/cash game but also stakes including $50/$100 HU Cash games! Some seriously great advice and poker theory here that you would quite simply not have come across before... ever!

Again, there is a monthly subscription of around $20. Another great site which differs enough from www.pokerxfactor.com to make it worth while joining.">

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