Saturday, 19 July 2008

Link Building Experiement

This is a simple procedure. You might have seen it done elsewhere on a few scarce weblogs. What is different, is that when we reach a certain point on the list, we start yet another one. Instead of one master list and its done, we will repeat the process over and over again, with new folks jumping on board. These backlinks combined with the social networking friends status will affect all areas of search engine algorithims. -=This List Will Stop At 100, then the next phase will start=-

To participate is simple:

--->Copy The Post & List below into a blog post of yours.
--->Add Your Link to the list at the bottom.
--->Comment On the original post at LBP so that I can update the list with your link.
--->Make sure the list links and names are in place on your weblog post.
--->Digg, Stumble, Tag, and Reddit all of us, spread the word, get more on board.
--->Be sure to send them back to The Linkback Project for the updated list.

Make sure links and name are in place on your weblog, and then put yours on the last number, and "YOUR NEXT" below it on a new number.

Be sure to Digg, Stumble Upon, and Tag this post, so that you will be prepared with backlinks for Phase two, when we begin backlinks in Social Networking. Putting each list into the social networking system will be the second link in our "Closed Circuit" theory of search engine/link index exposure.

1. The Linkback Project
2. All About Crime
3. Foolsville
4. Guy Vestal
5. SunEGrl Loves To Shop
6. Great Ways to Make Money Online
7. Shabam Development
8. CoffeeCoffeeCoffee~the blog
9. Kinky Personification
10. Da Kinky Kid Speaks
11. Josh Ottley Dot Com
12. Cebu Entrepreneur
13. Random Detoxification
14. PoeARTica
15. CoolAdzine for Marketers
16. Best Blog in the Universe
17. Ctrl + Alt + Delete : Personal random journal and reviews
18. the blog lab
19. Bradley Hankins
20. The Radical Blog
21. Get Rich Quick !? Really ??
22. Musikalye - Music is a two-way street
23. Planeta Turismo Activo
24. Swollen Pickles
27. Picture to People
28. Your Fun Family
29. Mob Me
30. Healthy Moola
31. Champagne Dreams
32. David Rader
33. Gossip Girls
34. Before I am Famous
35. SUPLADO Online Reviews
36. Salsa Faith
37. BigMoneyList
38. Emmsy’s Stuff
39. That Blog 4 Me
40. Hey Just Blog
41. Poker Forums

Friday, 18 July 2008 League

The League

- The league winner will receive $50 to their PokerStars account, courtesy of

- The league tournaments can be found in "tournaments > private > Pokerisrigged League"

- Passwords for each of the tournaments will be placed in this forum here every week. Forums is visable only to members

- The league will run every Sunday for 5 weeks with the first tournament starting on Sunday 6th July at 8pm GMT.

- The buyin will be $5.50 and will be a freezeout tournament.

- Don’t worry about missing the first few tournaments! By playing in any of the tournaments you will earn yourself reward points that you may redeem for cash or forum bonuses! Click here for details.

- Prizes will be distributed normally in each tournament depending on how many runners there are.

- Ranking first in a tournament will earn yourself a Gold Trophy reward to put next to your avatar. Ranking second and third in tournaments with a larger amount of runners will earn you a Silver or Bronze trophy. All awards are exchangeable for reward points.

- If you are good enough to win the league at the end of the 5 weeks, you will be blessed with a unique and special Poker Is Rigged bracelet!


- Strictly one account per member.

- Each league runner is allowed one link on their name.

- Collusion in league tournaments will result in a permanent ban.

- To be eligible for the prize money, you must be at least a mildy active member of the forum.


There will be a collection of prizes for the weekly winners and even a bubble image for the poor person to miss the money! The images will be stacked so you can prove your worth with several trophies! A bracelet will also be given to the League Champion. We won't reveal what it looks like just yet!


If you’re a webmaster and you’re looking to promote a website, poker-related or otherwise, then you are allowed to have one hyperlink on your name that is displayed on the front page. This means if you have any points, or are featured in the “last weeks winner” table, then your name and link will be displayed on the front page. Please note if you’re name is higher on the league then your link will give you more “Google juice”.
Your name is not allowed to be a link in itself. I.e. “” as a name is not allowed, whilst “Pokerisrigged” is.

Please download PokerStars from this link. We are able to add more prizes and money to the tournaments for any sign ups that are generated from that link!
Thank you,

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Know When to Push

Right, so a lot of the time in MTTs we get to a point where we are short stacked and have to either push our chips in or fold.

A Few Pointers:

Firstly, the push fold "boundary" can be very vague. Harrington suggested this theory of the "M" Value. - YourStack/BB+SB+ANTE. If your M is 5 or less then you should be push fold. I.e If the blinds are 100/200 and you have a stack of 1500 then your M = 5 and you should push your money in or fold.

I used to follow this pretty religiously a while back and now i've come to realise it's just not that simple. If you're raising with a stack of anything less than 10 BBs then you're committing yourself whatever. Even if you limp you're just leaking important chips necessary for a double up.

I tend to shove my stack if i am 10 BBs or less. Or if not shove, do a "stop and go" with pockets, i.e raise preflop to try and steal and if you get a caller then shove the flop no matter what the board comes.

Secondly, what hands are we shoving with?? It's easy to say that youre push /fold but what with??

I'll start off by saying that shoving in early position with A7 or less is a bad move if you are 9 or 10 handed. If you get called you are likely to be dominated, unless you are so shortstacked that the BB or big stacks are calling with pretty much any 2. (also depends on loose/tight table).

In that sort of spot it's best to put your money in with suited connectors or pocket pairs. Suited connectors from 78s upwards and any pocket pair, you may have some fold equity and any call will likely leave you with 2 live cards.

In mid/late position i would shove with almost any ace (unless i have been making a lot of steals recently and losing respect) any suited connector (probably not with 23 or 34s) and any pocket pair.

I hope this advice has helped you distinguish when and when not to push.


Betfair - Home of the WSOPE


Like with all small sites, there is a lot of money pumping into making great bonuses to attract new players and Betfair is one of them. There are plenty of big deals with rakeback and added bonus money on first deposits etc. Betfair is a very small site and struggles to get even a handful of players online - yet it is a good starting ground for any beginner due to the good bonuses and low skill play. Also, they hold freerolls to the WSOPE on a daily basis which are well worth checking out. The software is getting better and now has resizable tables.

Click Here to play Betfair. They are offering a £5 Free Play for the casino with no deposit needed.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Learn how to play pocket pairs

I've been playing poker since the age of 15. Pocket pairs always used to strike me as one of the most difficult type of hands to play. Over a million hands on and countless books devoured - here is my guide to playing pocket pairs.

Short/Long Handed and Pocket Pairs

The chance of pocket 8s being the best hand on a 9 handed game are 79%, that's pretty large huh? I'm not saying that you should be raising pocket 8s in any position but it's a stat worth thinking about.
To get an understanding of the chance that you hold the best hand with any pocket pair, refer to the Pocket Pair Odds table below.

If you're playing a shorthanded cash game and you have a full stack, you should be looking at raising any pair in any position and re-raising with any pair in late position. The only time you should not re-raise is with low pocket pairs against a player who raises very occasionally. If you find yourself against an aggro player who is opening pots with a wide range, then re-raise back at him in late position.

If you're playing a longhanded cash game, then in early position you should only be raising premium pocket pairs and folding anything less than 88/99. In late position on a longhanded game feel free to raise with any pocket pair if you feel you can outplay your opponents on the flop. It's always safe to never play small pockets longhanded unless you have 3 or 4 limpers before you, in which case you have odds to call.

Why position is important

With hands like QQ/KK/AA, position is fairly irrelevant and it's not essential to be last to act on the flop, turn and river. When playing small pocket pairs you really must do the best you can to be in position and be heads-up with one opponent. The idea being, that provided the flop isn't coordinated (i.e. 678 suited board), a checked flop can be taken down by a strong c-bet.

Isolate your opponent

If you want to play a pocket pair, it is very important that you do your best to get into a heads up situation. Anymore than one opponent will mean you can't put anyone on any specific hand and will often have to fold with even one over card flopping. Isolate a player by either raising or reraising. Punish the limpers. But remember; if you're in early position then try not to build the pot too much, a failed c-bet can be very costly. Do not bother to isolate if you're limping/calling with low pockets to go set hunting, you want as much equity in the pot as possible!

Pocket Pairs and Tournaments

The previous advice has been mainly aimed at cash game players. As a tournament player, you need a whole new outlook on pocket pairs. Stack sizes and table images are of paramount importance.

Playing as a big stack >30bbs

You're big stack deep in a tournament... and you want to be bigger! Dominate the table with pocket pairs. At late stages people are scared to bust and you can really bully medium size stacks if you have enough fold equity. Raising 2.5bbs in any position with any pair is usually a great way to steal blinds and build pots. Remember, even pocket 2s UTG are 57% likely to be the best hand (of course AK may shove OTT the same as AA would). Raising pocket pairs and c-betting strong to take down pots is very profitable. Be sure that you know the opponent you're playing and if he shows any strength on the flop, get away from your low pockets. Keep the pressure up so that people play back at you when you hit your set. Remember to only c-bet flops that are reasonably clear of your opponents range. If things turn sour; slow down and play TAG (tight aggressive) again.

Playing as a medium stack 20-30bbs

Medium stacks and pocket pairs don't mix. Players can get caught up with over pockets or re-raise strong to find a board that even Gus Hansen wouldn't c-bet at. Position is hugely important to medium stacks with pocket pairs. Whilst as a big stack, you're free to play as aggro as you like (providing you don't get caught up c-betting), you should really only consider raising small or medium pairs in position. These are pairs from 22 up to 88 and should either be used to steal blinds at late stages or to hit sets and build pots early on.


You have 25bbs and raise 3bbs preflop with 66 on the CO.

Action folds to the BB who calls.

Provided you know that the BB has been playing fairly TAG and has seen ~20% of hands, you can put him on a range. He either has low pockets (unlikely as he'd probably reraise) or a marginal hand such as KTs/KJ/KQ/AT. If the flop brings 2s 7h 8s, you're looking at throwing out a strong c-bet or even a raise if he bets into you. A flop such as 9c Kh Jh should rarely be c-bet at, as your opponents range hits this flop a lot of the time.

Playing as a short stack <20bbs

The simple way to play pocket pairs. Being a short stack, you can never really fault yourself for getting your money in with any pocket pair as long as the action wasn't raise, re-raise, all in, "hero" calls. Of course premium pockets such as QQ/KK/AA are played normally (don't be frightened to shove if you have 10 or less BBs, people will expect you to do that with KQ!) and lower pockets need some evaluation.
First off, let's clear things up. If you have any pair with less than 10BBs, even if it is 22, you need to get your money in. It's +EV. When you're around 11-12BBs then shove medium pockets such as 77 through to JJ, you don't want to raise 3BBs (1/4 of your stack) to see 3 over cards come. If you're deep in a tournament and have anything up to 20BBs and the CO or BTN is stealing (or at least appearing to steal), then shove back at them. If you have 15-20BBs then you have a lot of fold equity and rarely will they call off with a hand like AT/AJ, they'd probably need 77/AQ+ as a minimum. If you're a short stack then shove back anyway, you're probably in a race and that's exactly what you want.

Slow Playing Premium Pockets

Countless times this goes wrong. If you limp pockets in any position then value starts building and people will limp anything in late position and you won't have a clue if you're AA is good on a 27Q rainbow flop. Only limp/mini-raise AA in early position if the table is aggressive or shorthanded (or even heads up). Remember that isolation is key, and having half of the table in with you on a flop isn't going to work out.
Slow playing isn't necessarily bad if you are willing to lay down your hand on any sort of coordinated flop or with just one over card. Slow playing is dangerous simply because it can be hard to get away from AA or KK when the flop looks dry. Remember, the BB could have anything!

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Instructional Videos

Poker X Factor

Instructional videos that have very visible improvements. This site is dedicated to bringing you videos on all style of Poker play. Each video has a running commentary from a professional poker player - some who have made HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars.

This site does come at a cost but at just $25 a month it's a real bargain. They bring out at least 2 videos a week with incredible detail. This kind of advice will turn a losing player into a winning player and a winning player into a professional.

Go check out some of their free teaser videos.

Poker Savvy

The lesser known of the two instructional poker video sites but by no means worse.
The site consists of several different pros - a lot of them in their 20s.

They demonstrate not only the ocasional low staked freezeout/rebuy/cash game but also stakes including $50/$100 HU Cash games! Some seriously great advice and poker theory here that you would quite simply not have come across before... ever!

Again, there is a monthly subscription of around $20. Another great site which differs enough from to make it worth while joining.">

Monday, 14 July 2008

Where to play poker?


By far the LARGEST poker room on the internet. The cash game players here are at a much higher standard than players you find at most other sites. Therefore beginners should KEEP CLEAR! What this site has to offer the most is tournaments, tournaments, TOURNAMENTS! With $1,000,000s of prizes guaranteed each week. The software is top of the range with resizable tables which helps for multitabling and helps for general ease of use.

If you're looking to play tournaments rather than cash games then there is no doubt you should be playing here. The site caters for all stakes having regular tournaments ranging from $3 to $215 with a whole aray of SNGs in between. Every sunday there is a $10+1 tournament with $100,000 guaranteed and sees 20,000 entrants. This is the largest tournament ever seen on the internet and a prize pool of $200,000 for a $10 buy in is simply gigantic.


Like with all small sites, there is a lot of money pumping into making great bonuses to attract new players and Betfair is one of them. There are plenty of big deals with rakeback and added bonus money on first deposits etc. Betfair is a very small site and struggles to get even a handful of players online - yet it is a good starting ground for any beginner due to the good bonuses and low skill play.

Click Here to play Betfair. They are offering a £5 Free Play for the casino with no deposit needed.

I hope this has helped you guys choose which site to deposit at!