Friday, 5 December 2008

Months of SEO beginning to pay off!

First of all I'm going to apologise for not updating this blog in erm... 3 months! I've been incredibly busy in the 1st term of my 2nd year at University. Poker, getting drunk and working (and more working) have all pushed my free time aside.

My amateur SEO attempts have come to a halt. With little free time to do monotonous link building I have sat back and hoped for links to build naturally through word of mouth and so on. Well I guess they have just paid off... Or perhaps the few months of constant link building during spring and summer have started to really come into effect! Yesterday was a milestone... 04/12/08 (or 12/04/08 if you're across the pond) - Front page of Google! Amongst 6,000,000 search results we ranked just number 10! *pops a drink in celebration* - no seriously, I've got problems. Ok so this is purely for 1 key phrase... Obviously a succesful site needs to rank well for all their most popular keywords. But hey it's a start! With page 1 for "Poker Forums" we'll try to focus more on our pretty appauling effort of page 8 for "Poker Forum". Obviously we still need to work on reaching the top 3 with "Poker Forums" but that will come in time.

My motivation has been pretty low of recent after not seeing decent results and progress slowing. Sure, we've got a sponsorship deal with the university poker society and that's keeping it fairly active but I'm definitely not where I wanted to be 6 months down the line. What's good about this milestone is that it has really sparked some new found desire for success. Now that the Xmas holiday is coming up in just a couple of weeks, (and with some money in the business account) things should really start to fire up!

More news to come...

P.s sponsorship isn't going great! Will write a few posts on that soon.