Thursday, 17 July 2008

Know When to Push

Right, so a lot of the time in MTTs we get to a point where we are short stacked and have to either push our chips in or fold.

A Few Pointers:

Firstly, the push fold "boundary" can be very vague. Harrington suggested this theory of the "M" Value. - YourStack/BB+SB+ANTE. If your M is 5 or less then you should be push fold. I.e If the blinds are 100/200 and you have a stack of 1500 then your M = 5 and you should push your money in or fold.

I used to follow this pretty religiously a while back and now i've come to realise it's just not that simple. If you're raising with a stack of anything less than 10 BBs then you're committing yourself whatever. Even if you limp you're just leaking important chips necessary for a double up.

I tend to shove my stack if i am 10 BBs or less. Or if not shove, do a "stop and go" with pockets, i.e raise preflop to try and steal and if you get a caller then shove the flop no matter what the board comes.

Secondly, what hands are we shoving with?? It's easy to say that youre push /fold but what with??

I'll start off by saying that shoving in early position with A7 or less is a bad move if you are 9 or 10 handed. If you get called you are likely to be dominated, unless you are so shortstacked that the BB or big stacks are calling with pretty much any 2. (also depends on loose/tight table).

In that sort of spot it's best to put your money in with suited connectors or pocket pairs. Suited connectors from 78s upwards and any pocket pair, you may have some fold equity and any call will likely leave you with 2 live cards.

In mid/late position i would shove with almost any ace (unless i have been making a lot of steals recently and losing respect) any suited connector (probably not with 23 or 34s) and any pocket pair.

I hope this advice has helped you distinguish when and when not to push.


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